Alfred Gutierrez

Hello, my name is Alfred. I am currently a Senior Software Developer at Fandango, working on FandangoNOW. I’ve also worked as an Application Developer at Precision Development, a software consulting firm, and as Web Developer at Phenomenex, a chromatography company in the biotechnology industry.

I write software mostly for the web, and I am well-versed in Javascript, Python and Go.

I also specialize in frontend & microservices architecture, media playback & packaging for protected content (DRM), and p2p-based technologies such as BitTorrent and Bitcoin.

I’m always working on side projects in the evenings. I’m currently working on Guildbit, a free, donation-based service for deploying temporary Mumble servers so gamers can enjoy games over VOIP with their friends. You can check out more of my recent side projects and open-source software on Github.

I have strong views in minimalist design; not only for the frontend UI/UX, but also the backend code as well. I value modular, minimal, and well-documented code.

Some of my hobbies and interests outside of programming are gaming, building computers, audio equipment, cars and coffee.

You can find me on Github, LinkedIn, or Email.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.